Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm starting to get some definite opinions about things and people. I love Aunt Claudia S.Obviously.I like kisses from Mina, although they make me a tad nervous.I find bright colors interesting.Grabbing at Mina is fun and she thinks it's funny when I "get" her.I look awesomely cute in my diapers.I wish I didn't have to have something under me to catch my "spills" as my sister calls them.I think my sister is a big cheeseball. She wanted everyone to think I had my arm around her, but really she was just laying on me trying to crush me.You're in the way, Mina. I can't see!I like to go places.My car seat strap thingies are cute, but not as cute as my dimples.I don't like to be cold so it's a good thing that Mommy doesn't mind sacrificing her fashion for me.Mommy takes pictures of me when I'm looking cute and happy, but I'm not always that way. I've been difficult to put to bed lately and cry while I'm nursing. I wish I could tell Mommy what's wrong. She's started drinking special tea and taking some herbs to up her milk supply in case that's what's upsetting me. I guess I'd better prepare myself for getting flooded by milk again. I've also gotten pickier about my napping. I didn't take a long nap yesterday and today I'm taking a long one (almost four hours at this point). Life isn't always predictable and neither are babies.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Mommy just can't resist my chunky thighs. I have enough rolls now that it takes a bit to get them all clean and dry. She took a picture of me after a diaper change because I looked so darn cute in my diaper.I love bath night. I tend to sleep longer on bath nights. Lately I've been a bit of a fussy baby in the evening (Daddy is actually upstairs soothing me while Mommy blogs for me), but once I'm down for good, I sleep until about 5-6am on a good night. My parents are impressed.Can you believe that this outfit is size 3-6 months? I fill it out so well that I don't think I'll get to wear it much longer.
Daddy made me giggle tonight. That made him happy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mommy finally got some laughs out of me the other day. She squeezed my biscuits during a diaper change and it made me giggle. Mina liked the sound of my laugh and Grandma got to hear it too. I didn't repeat it until yesterday when Grandma tickled my sides. I'm also talking more and more. We went to the park this morning after Mina's music class and I refused to smile for the camera, but it's kind of funny anyway.The basement doctors finished their work at lunch time today. This is what the mess looked like this morning.This is what the tiling beside the house looked like. The people who originally built the house didn't properly support the tile so it was pretty well smashed. Mommy and Daddy might be making a sad face like me when they get the bill!Mina was the class clown during music class. She threw and kicked the ball instead of rolling it. She shouted hooray while others were singing. She ran up to the front of the class and claimed her felt milk jug even before her name was called. She climbed onto the folding chairs instead of sitting on her carpet square. She's pretty awesome. We were so proud!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I slept great last night. Mommy put me to bed at about 8:30 and I slept until 6:30. I made some noises here and there that woke Mommy up, but I didn't need her for 10 hours. I'm really growing up!

Mina's growing up too. She pedaled the trikes all around tot lot this morning and was really proud of herself.

The fun never stops with selling the house. Today we have a roofer coming and two "basement doctors" hard at work. I wonder if Mina will sleep through it all?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had our friends over to play this morning. Mommy and Miss Jamie talked up a storm, Matthew and Mina threw toys all over and wreaked havoc, while Alaina and I slept, ate, and looked adorable. I thought Miss Jamie was really funny and smiled when she tried to get Alaina to smile.Our mommies wanted to get a good picture of us together now that we both smile. The first attempts were epic failures. Could two babies look any less interested in posing for a picture?Alaina started smiling after a little bit of coaxing from her mommy.I started catching on to how funny Miss Jamie can be.And success! We both smiled at the same time. Too bad I had my hand in my mouth, but I think we did pretty good for our first modeling job.Mina got a little jealous of all the attention so Mommy took a couple of pictures of her too. She laid a bunch of kisses on us both.We're going to miss our friends really bad when we move. They're going to have to come and stay with us every now and then!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Mommy decided that I'm tough enough to take a bath without the newborn hammock anymore. I survived a fall down the stairs (while in Daddy's arm and he took the entire brunt of it) and a fall off of the couch (because Mommy is a bad Mommy, but I smiled at her when she came over to pick me up) in the last few days so I'm pretty durable.

It's so much better to take a bath without the hammock. I smiled the entire time.I got a real "kick" out of it. Sigh...that was Mommy's humor, not mine. How embarrassing.I reclined and smiled at Mommy until the water started to get cold. Daddy and Mina were upstairs doing Mina's bath so they didn't get in on the fun.I've been sleeping really well every night since I last mentioned it in the blog. I typically get up somewhere between 2:30 and 3:30 and then go back to sleep until about 6:30. We'll see what happens once Daddy's alarm clock starts going off at 5am again. My parents have been enjoying looking at me on the video monitor while they drink margaritas and play games in the evening.