Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm starting to get some definite opinions about things and people. I love Aunt Claudia S.Obviously.I like kisses from Mina, although they make me a tad nervous.I find bright colors interesting.Grabbing at Mina is fun and she thinks it's funny when I "get" her.I look awesomely cute in my diapers.I wish I didn't have to have something under me to catch my "spills" as my sister calls them.I think my sister is a big cheeseball. She wanted everyone to think I had my arm around her, but really she was just laying on me trying to crush me.You're in the way, Mina. I can't see!I like to go places.My car seat strap thingies are cute, but not as cute as my dimples.I don't like to be cold so it's a good thing that Mommy doesn't mind sacrificing her fashion for me.Mommy takes pictures of me when I'm looking cute and happy, but I'm not always that way. I've been difficult to put to bed lately and cry while I'm nursing. I wish I could tell Mommy what's wrong. She's started drinking special tea and taking some herbs to up her milk supply in case that's what's upsetting me. I guess I'd better prepare myself for getting flooded by milk again. I've also gotten pickier about my napping. I didn't take a long nap yesterday and today I'm taking a long one (almost four hours at this point). Life isn't always predictable and neither are babies.

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  1. I love your dimples, Charlotte.

    Aunt Lois