Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I was baptized this past Sunday and a few pictures were taken of the ceremony. I pretty much cooperated and have been a sweetheart ever since. My parents should have had me baptized a long time ago!

 Our good friends, the Masons, had their baby baptized at the same time. That's little Emma over on the right.  I snuggled her a little bit when us girls were next to each other. Can you believe that Mama showed under my dress in front of the whole church? Maybe it was payback for how Mina and I behaved at the official church welcoming ceremony.

We decorated the house for Christmas on Sunday. Mama wore the tree skirt again this year. It fits around her waist. Go Mama!

We made a short, failed attempt at a family Christmas card picture, but I wasn't in the mood.  We'll come up with something eventually...hopefully before Christmas. 
 I helped decorate the tree and have been very good about leaving stuff alone so far.
 I was hiding behind Daddy's leg looking cute so he decided to be silly with me. Weird picture, huh?

Mama changed her web browser and is having a hard time with the formatting of this blog. Please be patient with her while she learns. Oh, and be on the lookout for the new website coming in January (see Mina's blog for more details).

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big News

I've been learning new things left and right lately - new words, new dance moves, and new ways to make people laugh. There are two things that stick out as extra cool though. I can do somersaults! One night Mina was doing them and I just copied her and voila. I did about 12 in a row that first night so it wasn't a fluke. I will only do them when Mina does them though. If Mama asks me to do a somersault, I flex my muscles and growl. It's a little confusing.

The other exciting thing I did was poop on the potty. I've been interested in all things poop and pee for a while now, but Mama hasn't been trying to teach me. However, I've been getting some time without pants and today she caught me in the act and redirected me to the little potty. I was scared, but I went and boy were Mama and Mina so excited for me. Mina said, "Great. Now where are the M & M's?". Mama put a penguin sticker on my arm. It was so exciting that I can't even take a nap (Mama is listening to me sing while she types this up for me).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

There was a horse at the park last week!Just kidding! It was only me in my Halloween costume.I was Bullseye and Mina was Jessie from Toy Story.Mama's dinner and decorating went pretty well. She took a few pictures to share with you.I've recently started showing off my muscles.Mama took us to the apple orchard when it was freezing outside because she gave in to Mina. We had fun even if it was chilly. I got mad because my legs weren't quite long enough for the trike. Maybe by spring time?!I put the bucket on my head, but didn't get any sand in my hair. I'm magical!We loved trick or treating this year without a stroller. I definitely understood what was going on after just a couple of houses. I tried to give the people candy at first and tried to grab lots of candy, but I figured out that I was only supposed to get one piece per house.I'm the cutest little horse ever. My mama says so and she's always right.Papa turned 60 today so we went and had dinner with him last night. Mina and I gave him cards and snuggles and I think he was pretty happy.