Thursday, June 30, 2011

F & H

My friend Alaina's nickname is F & H, but I think the name suits me too - Funny & Happy! You can't tell in this picture, but I loooooved playing with Annie (the dog that Nana and Papa watched for a week).Mina held Annie's leash on our walk.Mama turned 32 since the last update. We had strawberry shortcakes to celebrate. YUM!I really like sidewalk chalk.It's delicious!Cheese!I now dance on command. My happy dance involves running in place. I'm picking up new words every day and I have a lot to say. Mina says that I hurt her ears. I've learned some of my body parts too. It's fun showing off!

Oh, and here's an after photo of the yard. We have trees lining the front and side and they're gorgeous! Mama and Daddy bought them as their 9 year wedding anniversary present to each other.Have a happy 4th of July everybody.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Idol

Mina is the coolest person in the world. All I want to do is be with her and copy everything she does. If she sits down to play, then I sit down right next to her. I'm figuring out that she'd rather I played with my own toys rather than stealing her toys. That helps us get along better.Bubba is pretty cool too. He has his uses. He LOVES me so much and puts up with me with a smile on his face.There's nothing better than sitting in a big chair. I spend most of my day climbing from one chair to another.And running!Mina showed me how to lay on my belly, cross my ankles, and watch TV.I snuck in some cuddling too. She lets me sit on her and hug her when I'm lucky.Mina and I spent a fun time running around in the yard yesterday afternoon. We're getting trees planted today (hopefully) so Daddy had to put in flags to mark all of the irrigation sprinkler heads. We followed him from zone to zone and got soaking wet. Fun times! Daddy and Mama enjoyed watching us play. Here's some before pictures of our treeless yard.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Charlotte Danger

Danger is my middle name. Mama has taken a bunch of pictures of me in perilous positions with her cell phone and thought it was time to share. Please don't have a heart attack when you see these Nana!

One day I decided it was time to climb a bar stool to get my snacks. This is what Mama came back to after daring to use the restroom.

Mina and I were playing so quietly together that Mama had to come see what we were doing.Mama turned around to stir the mac 'n cheese after placing my raspberries on my mat to find this.Mama let me climb into the McDonald's structure yesterday. I came out unharmed, but Mama was a nervous nelly.I dared to climb up in the chair with Mina and stole her snacks.I sat on her to add insult to injury. She's obviously used to this kind of abuse.I even tried to suffocate myself one day.For some reason people are always laughing at my hijinks. When Mama catches me or tells me no, I hit my hands together and scowl at her. Sometimes I stick my bottom lip out at her. If she calls for me, I've interpreted that to mean, "run away faster". I'm not afraid to bite someone to get my own way and Mina has the marks to prove it. Mama and Dada are generally able to avoid my bite when they put me in my car seat (though I'll keep trying). I'm a handful.

Everybody just loves me like crazy because I'm so funny. Plus, I'm really sweet most of the time. I'm also cooperative for some things - like backing up and sitting on Mama so she can put my shoes on or read me a book. I also put up with a lot of smooching. People have a hard time getting too mad at me when I dance. I've got moves. I'm a big talker too and able to communicate what I want a bit better these days (eat and milk are common words I say). I'm an awesome sleeper. So I'm not all bad...