Thursday, June 30, 2011

F & H

My friend Alaina's nickname is F & H, but I think the name suits me too - Funny & Happy! You can't tell in this picture, but I loooooved playing with Annie (the dog that Nana and Papa watched for a week).Mina held Annie's leash on our walk.Mama turned 32 since the last update. We had strawberry shortcakes to celebrate. YUM!I really like sidewalk chalk.It's delicious!Cheese!I now dance on command. My happy dance involves running in place. I'm picking up new words every day and I have a lot to say. Mina says that I hurt her ears. I've learned some of my body parts too. It's fun showing off!

Oh, and here's an after photo of the yard. We have trees lining the front and side and they're gorgeous! Mama and Daddy bought them as their 9 year wedding anniversary present to each other.Have a happy 4th of July everybody.

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