Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've recently improved my crawling skills to the point that I can play on hard floors...with only some head injuries. I'm one happy baby now that I can get into my sister's toys. She shares with me for the most part. She tattles on herself and says she's sorry every time she hits me.This is the sight I see all the time as I look up at her. Sorta cute, sorta scary, eh?This is my scary monster face. Are you terrified?Nothing encourages me to sit on my own more than Chinese plastic toys. Yum.Delicious! We play in my room during Mina's naps sometimes.I'm constantly making new cute faces so it makes it hard for Mama to pick which pictures to post.I prefer to play with the music table in this position, but I pulled myself up last night and could reach all four sides. That was neat too.Happiness.I love to crawl and stand on Mama.I refused to cooperate with sitting for the camera because I didn't have anything toxic to chew on.I'm cute anyway, right?Attacking my favorite person.I got tired so Mama put me in my crib. My mattress is all the way down now.You aren't going to leave me in here, are you?
My appointment went well on Monday. My ears have finally cleared up completely. I weighed 15 pounds, 11 ounces (a gain of 10 ounces in a month). Mama was reassured that I'm not too skinny. I managed to go from crawling to sitting and then back to crawling very smoothly the other morning. I'm never still except for when I'm sleeping. I even fiddle with Mama when I'm nursing. Life's too short to waste any time. I take after Daddy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


You can always tell when we're busy by the blog posts (or lack thereof). Mama and Daddy have been working out a ton.I'm on the move more and more every day (and getting into things!).I'm trying to get more sturdy with sitting, but pulling up or crawling are more fun.I do get tired and chill out sometimes.I try to escape when given a minute.You caught me!We went to the library the other day and I played with the toys. Check out my hair!Mina took a picture of me.I loved exploring. Mama didn't bring a stroller with so I really got to see the world. More on that in Mina's blog.What's going on?Mama pulled out the containment device, but at least she got me a cool new toy to entertain me.I played the piano with Daddy and Mina the other day.Papa and Nana have been dog sitting a sweet dog named Annie. She's almost as good of a kisser as Euclid.Mama has to go because I need her. She'll do Mina's blog for her soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crawling Cutie

Mama did a video to show off my crawling. Aren't I cute and strong?

We've had a fun weekend. We went to a party on Friday night with some new friends. We had some friends over for dinner last night and I got to stay up late. I didn't want to settle down after they left, but I finally fell asleep for good at 10pm. I slept until 8am. Go me! Ten hours is one long stretch of sleep. I'm such a big kid.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazing Me

Mama spent all day with me yesterday since Mina was with Nana and Papa. I loved getting all the attention so much that I refused to nap pretty much all day. At least I was pleasant for about an hour and it happened to be when Mama had the camera out. Check out my pretty teethers!I tried to stand up to play with my toys for a bit.I held on for dear life.Mama...I think I'm too young for this.I crawled all over the play room and didn't get smacked in the face or pinched even once. It was great.I did some more standing.Finally I got tired out so I hung out in the swing for a while.I showed Nana and Papa my sitting yesterday and they were duly impressed. It will probably be a while before Mama can get a picture of it since I don't sit that way for all that long. Stay tuned. I'm hard at work trying to beat my sister in my milestones (just what Mama wanted - not!).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I went to the library today and played with some other kids. It was really fun to "crawl" around. I also sat without assistance for the second time and stood at the activity box (holding on with a death grip). I'm getting so strong.

My second tooth came in a few days ago so my sleep is really hit or miss. I do great some nights (last night I slept from 7:45pm - 5:15am) and not so great other nights (like the other night when I cried off and on until midnight). I have a couple more teeth that want to come in on the bottom.

I really love Bubba. He's so snuggly and funny. I also love sweet potatoes and pears. I'm one happy baby most of the time. I laugh and laugh when my tummy gets tickled.

I'm becoming as good of a dancer as Mina. She may be good at moving her shoulders, but I have rhythm and shake my hiney to the beat. Maybe Mina and I will show Mama how to move some day. Mama put a couple of videos on Mina's blog so you'll have to check that out. She did a really cute video of me with Daddy last night, but it's stuck on her phone so you'll have to be patient (or she'll reshoot with the real video camera).