Thursday, August 19, 2010


You can always tell when we're busy by the blog posts (or lack thereof). Mama and Daddy have been working out a ton.I'm on the move more and more every day (and getting into things!).I'm trying to get more sturdy with sitting, but pulling up or crawling are more fun.I do get tired and chill out sometimes.I try to escape when given a minute.You caught me!We went to the library the other day and I played with the toys. Check out my hair!Mina took a picture of me.I loved exploring. Mama didn't bring a stroller with so I really got to see the world. More on that in Mina's blog.What's going on?Mama pulled out the containment device, but at least she got me a cool new toy to entertain me.I played the piano with Daddy and Mina the other day.Papa and Nana have been dog sitting a sweet dog named Annie. She's almost as good of a kisser as Euclid.Mama has to go because I need her. She'll do Mina's blog for her soon.

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