Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've recently improved my crawling skills to the point that I can play on hard floors...with only some head injuries. I'm one happy baby now that I can get into my sister's toys. She shares with me for the most part. She tattles on herself and says she's sorry every time she hits me.This is the sight I see all the time as I look up at her. Sorta cute, sorta scary, eh?This is my scary monster face. Are you terrified?Nothing encourages me to sit on my own more than Chinese plastic toys. Yum.Delicious! We play in my room during Mina's naps sometimes.I'm constantly making new cute faces so it makes it hard for Mama to pick which pictures to post.I prefer to play with the music table in this position, but I pulled myself up last night and could reach all four sides. That was neat too.Happiness.I love to crawl and stand on Mama.I refused to cooperate with sitting for the camera because I didn't have anything toxic to chew on.I'm cute anyway, right?Attacking my favorite person.I got tired so Mama put me in my crib. My mattress is all the way down now.You aren't going to leave me in here, are you?
My appointment went well on Monday. My ears have finally cleared up completely. I weighed 15 pounds, 11 ounces (a gain of 10 ounces in a month). Mama was reassured that I'm not too skinny. I managed to go from crawling to sitting and then back to crawling very smoothly the other morning. I'm never still except for when I'm sleeping. I even fiddle with Mama when I'm nursing. Life's too short to waste any time. I take after Daddy.

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  1. What a cutie!!! I can't believe how mobile she is! Alaina likes to walk around some holding onto our hands but lately has preferred to just sit and watch Matthew and laugh at him. Can you believe she's 21 lbs now!!! She LOVES to eat! Give those girls a kiss for me! We miss you all!