Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I went to the library today and played with some other kids. It was really fun to "crawl" around. I also sat without assistance for the second time and stood at the activity box (holding on with a death grip). I'm getting so strong.

My second tooth came in a few days ago so my sleep is really hit or miss. I do great some nights (last night I slept from 7:45pm - 5:15am) and not so great other nights (like the other night when I cried off and on until midnight). I have a couple more teeth that want to come in on the bottom.

I really love Bubba. He's so snuggly and funny. I also love sweet potatoes and pears. I'm one happy baby most of the time. I laugh and laugh when my tummy gets tickled.

I'm becoming as good of a dancer as Mina. She may be good at moving her shoulders, but I have rhythm and shake my hiney to the beat. Maybe Mina and I will show Mama how to move some day. Mama put a couple of videos on Mina's blog so you'll have to check that out. She did a really cute video of me with Daddy last night, but it's stuck on her phone so you'll have to be patient (or she'll reshoot with the real video camera).

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