Monday, September 27, 2010


I experienced my first football game on Friday night. We went to part of a Dodgers game. I loved it...because I love to be outside and I love to be close to Mama.Daddy isn't half bad either.Mina just wanted to explore during the game.We went to a Cyclones game the next night. Mina must be a Panthers fan because she looked kind of sad that the Cyclones were winning.She used Mama's hood as a toy.Gavin shared his markers. Mina rarely gets to play with markers so they were a great diversion.I got to be held by Mama almost the whole time again. It was pretty great. We left after halftime though because we were having fun and Daddy and Mama wanted to leave before things got miserable.In case you didn't know, I'm a character. I make funny faces and now I make funny sounds. I was sucking and clicking my tongue this afternoon and making my parents laugh.Love eyes for my daddy.So big and strong!What else....I have another tooth (top front). That makes three and another is on its way. I don't mind growing new teeth because I'm tough like my big sister.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can you believe that I'm 8 months old?I'm "so big"! Mama can't quite capture my "so big" arms yet, but this is pretty close.Daddy thought it would be a good idea to switch me to the big bath. This was my "last" bath in the infant tub.I also got moved into my bigger car seat.I approve.Mina moved over and forward facing. Mama still feels guilty about moving her from rear facing before she absolutely had to. There were two main reasons for the switch - the upcoming, long trip to Chicago and more importantly, Mina's ability to evade the shoulder straps by using the back of the seat as leverage. It was a tussle getting her into her seat before the switch.I really love the library now that I'm sturdy at standing against things.Mina loves to pick out puppets. Daddy helped her so she was able to decide on just one without a tizzy.Happy, happy, happy!I fell asleep in the car on the way to the orchard so that's why there aren't any pictures of me there.

Anyway, it looked like my first big bath was going to be a success, but then I had a major freak out and kept trying to stand. Mama had to put down the camera to help Daddy. Back to the infant bath for me.Mina and I have become buddies.I love to play with whatever she's playing with. She's awesome.I even ate her puppet. Mina was plotting her revenge in this picture.We played with tutus together the other day. Who could resist taking pictures of that?Daddy and Mama went away for a day last weekend. I got to stay with Nana and Papa along with Mina.It looks like they had fun.
I'm so excited to experience my first football game this weekend. Stay tuned! Go Cyclones (or Panthers).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quality Time

We've had yet another fun week as a family. We did a family bath last Friday night. All four of us got cleaned up together. Daddy took a few pictures before he joined us. I loved getting to be in deep water.Mama admired my back side and made Daddy take a picture of my cuteness. Mina did a good job of sitting in her seat and rinsing us all off.We went to see some skydivers on Saturday night and Grandpa gave me my first beer. Classy, huh?I graduated from my bucket seat. See my Marathon box in the background? Daddy converted the double stroller so I get my own seat. It's comfy.I approved of the long walk we took as a family.Grandpa and Grandma celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Mina loved me up while we waited for company to arrive. Look at me, letting go and holding on with just one hand!Mina's blog has most of the party pictures. After the party we all shared some veggies on the couch. Well, I tried to eat them, but they didn't let me have any.Hi, Mama!Me: I'm gonna get you. Mina: No, don't get me!!!We went to a birthday party on Monday morning. It was princess themed so we wore tiaras.My tiara wouldn't stay on my thick, luxurious mane.Mina found a great photo op.Princess MinaPrincess CharlottePrincess MamaPrincess Daddy!?There was a pony at the party too. Mama let me pet her while she wore me.Mina got to feed the pony some apples.This is Kayla, the birthday girl. She's a pretty princess.I helped fold some laundry after we got back from the party. I love to get into the laundry baskets.Mina helped too.And here's one to make Grandpa laugh. He thinks my faces are hilarious.Mama will be doing Mina's blog next, so check it out too.