Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quality Time

We've had yet another fun week as a family. We did a family bath last Friday night. All four of us got cleaned up together. Daddy took a few pictures before he joined us. I loved getting to be in deep water.Mama admired my back side and made Daddy take a picture of my cuteness. Mina did a good job of sitting in her seat and rinsing us all off.We went to see some skydivers on Saturday night and Grandpa gave me my first beer. Classy, huh?I graduated from my bucket seat. See my Marathon box in the background? Daddy converted the double stroller so I get my own seat. It's comfy.I approved of the long walk we took as a family.Grandpa and Grandma celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Mina loved me up while we waited for company to arrive. Look at me, letting go and holding on with just one hand!Mina's blog has most of the party pictures. After the party we all shared some veggies on the couch. Well, I tried to eat them, but they didn't let me have any.Hi, Mama!Me: I'm gonna get you. Mina: No, don't get me!!!We went to a birthday party on Monday morning. It was princess themed so we wore tiaras.My tiara wouldn't stay on my thick, luxurious mane.Mina found a great photo op.Princess MinaPrincess CharlottePrincess MamaPrincess Daddy!?There was a pony at the party too. Mama let me pet her while she wore me.Mina got to feed the pony some apples.This is Kayla, the birthday girl. She's a pretty princess.I helped fold some laundry after we got back from the party. I love to get into the laundry baskets.Mina helped too.And here's one to make Grandpa laugh. He thinks my faces are hilarious.Mama will be doing Mina's blog next, so check it out too.

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  1. Mina and Charlotte really know how to wear those princess crowns. Great blogs, Andrea. I can see why Mickey likes them so much.