Friday, September 3, 2010

Bright Eyes

HELLO!Mina grudgingly reads me books these days. She gets mad because I climb all over the books and try to eat them.I went to a family party and Uncle Matt fed me. He's all about babies.Grandpa feasted on my tootsies. That must be where Mama gets it from - she's always chewing on me.I love to climb on my Mama more than anything. Today I pulled up on her legs and then let go and stood on my own for about a second. I knew she wouldn't let me get hurt.Hello Daddy! This lady is mine.Grandpa went on a fishing trip to Canada and showed us all of his pictures.I got to spend some time with Nana and Papa this week too. I took a short nap in the afternoon so I could get even more Nana time.My other favorite toy - Bubba.Mama went to a football game without me yesterday. She had to leave during the second quarter in order to make some milk for me. I think they should take me to the next game. Other people had their babies there.Mama and Lynelle posed for the new camera.Go Cyclones!What's new with me....let's see. I'm pulling up on everything. Sometimes I let go and stand holding on with one hand. I enjoy walking with Daddy holding my hands above me. I sit on my own. I love to sit and hold on to a toy so I can slam it up and down repeatedly. I stood on my own for the one second so that's coming soon. I'm starting to cruise around the perimeter of my music table. I continue to crawl everywhere and improve my speed daily (much to my parents' dismay).

I can say "Mama," but no one is sure if I truly mean it. I'm ticklish and continue to love foot and neck kissing. I'm not afraid of strangers at all. It takes Mama a long time to get groceries when she wears me because I show my dimples to everyone and they all want to meet me.

I love food. I nurse really well now (finally!!!) about 5 times a day most days. I'll even nurse in public now. I used to be too squirrelly for that and refused to do it. I love sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocado. I tolerate peaches, pears, and prunes. I despise squash, carrots, and peas. They make me cry. I go crazy for Cheerios and puffs. I can pick them up really well and have also tried feeding myself slices of apple and pear and smooshed peas.

I've been sleeping pretty well. There have been a couple of nights recently where I slept from about 7:30pm until 6:30am. I generally get up once at around 4am and then go back to sleep until around 7am. I take two naps a day most days. I resist them as much as possible and end up crying for a couple of minutes a lot of the time in order to settle down. It's not too serious and I wake up happy as a clam. Mama tried to not let me cry and it made me cry harder. I just want to be left alone sometimes.

Life is good. I love being Mama's favorite age. I get a lot of attention these days. We play together for long periods of time during Mina's afternoon nap. I climb all over her and we do lots and lots of kissing.

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  1. You look REALLY good! All that working out is paying off! I wish I was there to see Miss Charlotte. She sounds so adorable!!! It's funny how different she and F&H are. Alaina moves, but is perfectly content to sit & observe all day...of course that isn't helping her figure ;)