Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Birthday

I had a wonderful first birthday. I was excited for all of my family to come party with me.Great Grandma Wubben came over.Both sets of grandparents and my cousins and aunts and uncles came over (on Mama's side). I was surrounded by love!We opened my presents very quickly. Mina opened them faster than I could even look at them.Everyone worked on writing me notes for my time capsule. I'll open it in 17 years.My cousins played downstairs some of the time.We had a yummy cake from Larita's.Anya!Hailey with her mommy and daddy. You're never too old to get smooches.Bubba was looking forward to the cake.I was getting tired so they decided it was time for me to have my cake.After some truly awful singing, Mina and Daddy blew out my candle while I looked on in total confusion.186 smash cake.Mina tried a bit before she got her own piece from the big cake.I loved it.I tried to attack the camera with my cake covered hand.This is about when the sugar high hit.I almost forgot to put on my birthday hat. I ran around with it while people put on their coats and shoes.Mama was at my party too...just behind the camera.I tried out my chair a bunch once the house was a little more calm.Daddy snuggled me up.Mama gave me some birthday smooches.Mina adores all of my new toys.Mama and Daddy took a picture of themselves once we went down for our naps.Mina and I took a bath after our naps. We were both a little sticky.Mina rinsed my leg.We both laid on our bellies in the tub.Mina cleaned my rear end.Such luxury!
I had a fantastic birthday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I do love the bouncy house. See?! Mina picked out my shirt. She loves to pick out my clothes most days while I nurse with Mama.I like to tickle my big sis.Mina picked out her shirt too. She's proud to be my sister!Classic.I got to have my first official sippy of whole milk on Sunday. I had stolen Mina's sippy a few times so it was kind of anticlimactic. I loved it, of course.Mama had to get a picture with her two cow milk drinkers. She's nursed us a total of 28 months so far. I'm down to nursing three times a day, but prefer the sippy over her most of the time. It won't be long before she doesn't make me nurse anymore. Yay! I'm way too busy to lay in her lap.I'm a messy drinker and eater, but sooo happy.I love to get my picture taken!My first birthday party is on Saturday. It's just for family this year and we're having brunch. You'll get to see the pictures in the next blog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mina and I both enjoy our special pink blankets. Mina wasn't attached to a blanket until she saw how much I loved my pinky. She has a big, huge blanket (in comparison to mine at least).I love the camera and the camera loves me.Mina needed a rest.We ate breakfast in the dining room the other day. I had a bunch of cheese crumble - my current favorite food.I'm so stylish.Daddy loves me!