Thursday, January 20, 2011

I do love the bouncy house. See?! Mina picked out my shirt. She loves to pick out my clothes most days while I nurse with Mama.I like to tickle my big sis.Mina picked out her shirt too. She's proud to be my sister!Classic.I got to have my first official sippy of whole milk on Sunday. I had stolen Mina's sippy a few times so it was kind of anticlimactic. I loved it, of course.Mama had to get a picture with her two cow milk drinkers. She's nursed us a total of 28 months so far. I'm down to nursing three times a day, but prefer the sippy over her most of the time. It won't be long before she doesn't make me nurse anymore. Yay! I'm way too busy to lay in her lap.I'm a messy drinker and eater, but sooo happy.I love to get my picture taken!My first birthday party is on Saturday. It's just for family this year and we're having brunch. You'll get to see the pictures in the next blog.

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