Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This post is going to be extremely random, just so you know. We went to the state fair a couple of weekends ago. I rode all around in the stroller.Mina and Mama went on the ferris wheel. Mina loved it!Pretty!I escaped the stroller to look at the baby animals. That was my favorite part. Mina wasn't feeling very well so there weren't many pictures taken at the fair.We stayed overnight in a hotel and then got up and went to Blank Park Zoo on Monday. We got there before they were open so Mina danced around while we waited.Silliness. Don't I look like a big girl?Mina made the cutest baby kangaroo ever.I loved the kid area and the goats loved me. Ear kisses!I fed all of the animals and neighed at them all. None of them neighed back.We fed the fish while Daddy held onto me for dear life.Mina played music at the playground.Daddy and Mina went on a camel ride. They both thought that was great fun.I was a happy girl while we waited for lunch. It was a beautiful day.My silly big sister. She always introduces me as "her baby Charlotte." Isn't that cute?Mina still wasn't feeling the best so she took a rest on Daddy.She also told him some hilarious jokes.We finished up by looking at the fish. See?!We both fell asleep in the car on the way home and then slept for a couple of hours in our beds. Mama and Daddy wore us out!This past weekend we went to a party at Rosedale Rapids. Look at that yellow raft.It's me and Daddy!We had so much fun that Mama took me on the lazy river. I was naughty for her. Typical.Mina and Daddy went on the huge slides. She was scared at first, but she liked it well enough to go again.Ta da!And just because I'm cute...Look at how long my hair is getting. It curls after we go swimming.Mama has been going to the aquatic center with my aunts and Grandpa and Grandma. They all have matching shoes. They're funny.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Can you smell that?In other news, I had my 18 month check-up last Wednesday and I'm fabulously healthy. I was in the 99th percentile for height at 34 inches, 50th percentile for weight at 24 pounds, and 50th percentile for head size at 18.5 inches. I got one shot and was pleased to hear I'm not due for more shots until I turn 4 (unless Mom has me get flu shots). I was a perfect little angel at the doctor's office.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I just love stickers. I put them on my legs, then I put them on Mama's chest, then I put them back on my legs, then I put them on Mama's arms. I could do it all day long. Mama loves it too because I SIT STILL! She went and bought me more fancy stickers for the next time she needs me to be occupied. I like the puffy scrapbooking stickers because they're easier for me to get off the page.I have the prettiest legs ever.We went to Gavin's party and my daddy was super silly and funny. I just love him.I couldn't believe it when they gave me a bat and encouraged me to hit that poor dinosaur. Fun!Justin even gave me a little help because my muscles aren't very big yet. I really loved that because we were strong as a team.Candy! Also, check out Lynelle's adorable belly. She's going to have a baby. I can't wait to point at it and say "baby" repeatedly. That baby had better not let my mama hold it though because he/she will have to answer to me! I don't share my mama with anyone except for my daddy and Mina.Daddy really knows how to have fun at the splash pad. He encouraged me to get really soaked. I ran around and splashed and then came to Mama for some snuggles and then splashed some more. We stayed until bedtime.This was my first year of really getting to experience the apple orchard. I was just a tiny baby last year. Anyway, I decided it's never too early to practice those senior picture poses.All of us kids got on the train. Leif was in the same car as me. He's awesome.Just look at that face!I loved the big slide. All I want to do is climb up it though. I guess that's a no-no.The goats were awesome. I mooed at them a bunch. They said baa back at me. Silly goats.Anya and Milo enjoyed the goats also. You're never too old for goats.Cousins picture! Leif is the old goat. I'm the sheep. Anya is the horse. Milo is the cow. Mina is the pig. We'll have to do that picture again in about 20 years.I'm the cutest sheep ever.Mama just has to keep up traditions (and start them too). Grandma was a great assistant.I'm sooo tall and I have a yummy tummy.You'll have to excuse this picture for being out of focus, but our smiles are too cute not to share. Mina is the first one in my room a lot of mornings. She climbs into the crib with me and plays until Mama or Daddy come in. I don't mind having her keep me company at all. Mina is so fun.All of this blogging really gave Mina and I some time to decorate the upstairs. This is what the play room looked like when we were done. She forgot to snap a picture of the hallway before she picked up, but we did an awesome job of spreading her underwear all over. So colorful! Mama did take some breaks to shake the sillies out with us and tickle on the bed, but the blogs take a lot of time.
Before I forget, my vocabulary is really improving. Watch what you say around me! I've said a bunch of words, but the latest are: Diet Pepsi, up, no, yeah, and thanks.