Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This post is going to be extremely random, just so you know. We went to the state fair a couple of weekends ago. I rode all around in the stroller.Mina and Mama went on the ferris wheel. Mina loved it!Pretty!I escaped the stroller to look at the baby animals. That was my favorite part. Mina wasn't feeling very well so there weren't many pictures taken at the fair.We stayed overnight in a hotel and then got up and went to Blank Park Zoo on Monday. We got there before they were open so Mina danced around while we waited.Silliness. Don't I look like a big girl?Mina made the cutest baby kangaroo ever.I loved the kid area and the goats loved me. Ear kisses!I fed all of the animals and neighed at them all. None of them neighed back.We fed the fish while Daddy held onto me for dear life.Mina played music at the playground.Daddy and Mina went on a camel ride. They both thought that was great fun.I was a happy girl while we waited for lunch. It was a beautiful day.My silly big sister. She always introduces me as "her baby Charlotte." Isn't that cute?Mina still wasn't feeling the best so she took a rest on Daddy.She also told him some hilarious jokes.We finished up by looking at the fish. See?!We both fell asleep in the car on the way home and then slept for a couple of hours in our beds. Mama and Daddy wore us out!This past weekend we went to a party at Rosedale Rapids. Look at that yellow raft.It's me and Daddy!We had so much fun that Mama took me on the lazy river. I was naughty for her. Typical.Mina and Daddy went on the huge slides. She was scared at first, but she liked it well enough to go again.Ta da!And just because I'm cute...Look at how long my hair is getting. It curls after we go swimming.Mama has been going to the aquatic center with my aunts and Grandpa and Grandma. They all have matching shoes. They're funny.

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