Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Sister

Mommy pulled out some of my 3-6 month clothes and found this adorable shirt. It's a bit big, but it fits better than the 0-3 month belly shirts. I'm a little young to be showing off my navel.I can make some really funny sad faces. Mommy picks me up when I do this one.I don't mind tummy time too much.My play gym and swing are getting more fun now. I like to look at the lights and animals. Mina hasn't been attacking me either.See? I'm all big eyes.We went to the Iowa City tot lot on Friday and Mina cruised around in this car. I hope Mommy and Daddy get a house with a bigger garage so that I can get some of these toys for home when I'm bigger. We don't have any room right now.Alaina and her family were at tot lot too. She slept and I was actually awake part of the time. Mommy carried me around in her sling and everyone oohed and aahed over me. Of course.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday morning I got all dressed up in Mommy's favorite outfit because our friends were coming over. She had to take a picture because I'll be out of this sleeper very soon. Can you believe that I'm growing out of size 0-3 months at age 1 month?I was awake and aware and excited for company to arrive.I camped out on the couch in preparation.See?! It was really exciting when we got together. Shucks. Maybe I'll be able to stay awake next time. Alaina and I appear to be about the same size these days. We're both supremely cute.

I had my one month checkup this morning and I weighed 10 pounds, 5 ounces. That means I've put on more than an ounce a day in the last few weeks. That isn't surprising since I eat until milk shoots out of my nose at times. I've also puked on my parents, Nana, and Grandma. Mommy says I puke more in one day than Mina puked in her lifetime. I can't be perfect.

In the mornings I like to lay next to Mommy in bed. No matter how far away from her she puts me, I somehow end up plastered up against her side. I love to be touched and held as closely as possible. Grandma figured out how to get me to stop crying - press her cheek against my cheek. She wasn't snuggling me hard enough.

I'm currently hanging out in my swing while Mommy types this. The other times I've been in there, I've not enjoyed it, but I like it today. The music is relaxing and the jungle animals are very bright.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been a very good girl lately. I enjoy my baths now and have stopped crying during them. Look at how well I fill out my tub! At least my legs are still thin.I love to look around and relax. The louder it is in the house, the happier I am. I'm very different from my sister that way.Mommy did a photo shoot with me for my birth announcements. This is a sample of the pictures, but not the one she's using. You'll have to wait to see more pictures from that photo shoot. I cooperated the whole time by keeping my eyes open and not crying.Mina snuggled me up after my modeling session.Finally - a picture where you can see both of our faces!I was wide awake this morning and then took a three hour nap this afternoon from 12-3. Mina slept from 1-5 so Mommy had a great day as far as time to herself goes.Mina got a mani pedi this morning. She has cute tootsies. They're so cute that she didn't want to wear socks or footed pajamas. Mina held perfectly still during the whole process so she knows how to cooperate too.Last night Daddy gave me a bottle of mommy milk. I drank a bit of it so my parents are relieved.Last night I challenged my parents by needing to eat every couple of hours. The night before I did a 4 hour stretch so it was only fair. I'm a good sleeper over all.

My parents are trying to get me to cooperate by giving them a smile. Mina's first social smile was given to Nana and Papa while Mommy wasn't around to see it. They're coming to visit on Friday so that's Daddy and Mommy's deadline. I smile all the time in my sleep so it's only a matter of time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bright Eyes

I've been keeping Mommy busy so she hasn't had the time nor the energy to blog. I'm an incredibly easy baby except when Mommy gets on the computer. I hope this entry makes up for lost time! Please leave some comments so I know that people are following my blog. I'm starting to get a complex.

Mina is obsessed with my ears, well actually, all ears. She doesn't squeeze them too tight.I told her it was a little early for me to start solids, but she tried to talk me into sharing her cereal bar the other day.Aunt Claudia came to visit on Saturday. She got to hold me first since she guessed my birth statistics the best.So big!Macy held me very nicely. My sister had a great time with Macy and Hailey in the morning. They carried her all around and chased her. I've never heard her laugh so hard in the two weeks I've been alive.Cheese!Later in the day, I got to meet my other cousins. Leif and Mina colored while everyone else paid attention to me.Mina insisted that Leif use purple.Anya held me for a while. She's an experienced baby holder.We went and visited at the hotel on Sunday and I watched my sister and Daddy swim. Look at how high Mina flew!Milo sure can make some scary faces.Mina is very photogenic.I got my diaper changed on the table and then I sunbathed for a while.Leif and Mina played with a Yo Gabba Gabba! plate. Leif refused to swim and just did laps around the outside of the pool instead.Milo is a baby lover.Mina moved the chairs so she could sit by Daddy at the side of the pool.I took a nap in the dish chair on Sunday and was very happy to get to use a pacifier. I can't believe my sister didn't like them. They're awesome!Mommy has stopped calling me smelly belly. My cord stump smelled terrible, but it finally came completely off the other day after she switched me to disposables for a couple of days. Now I'm back in my cloth diapers and looking much cuter (despite the crying).See! I like them. Here's a random picture of the table Grandpa made for our dollhouse. It's Mina's, but I'm going to play with it some day.Mina loves to give herself shots in the belly button. Weird, huh?I love to sleep on my belly on the couch. I sleep there while Mommy and Mina eat lunch and while Mommy puts Mina down for her nap. Some days I even sleep there for a couple of hours while Mina naps so Mommy gets a chance to relax. She has to stay near me though because sometimes I act like I want to roll and I move my head from side to side.Here I am hanging out with Mina. How exciting.My sister is gorgeous.Mina has been letting me lay in my play gym without hassling me too much. She always wants to hug, kiss, and hold me. I bet she was touching my ear judging by the look on her face.And the reason for the title of this post - I'm awake a lot more these days. I refuse to look at the camera, but I love to look into my mommy's eyes. She holds me up by her shoulder and I pull my head away from her so I can look at her. She gives me kisses when I do that so I need to keep practicing. I'm one strong baby!
I hope this will tide you over for a bit. Mommy will work on getting more pictures of me with my eyes open. The next post will probably be on Mina's blog so be on the look out.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

I've figured out that food is wonderful in the last couple of days. I could eat all day long - so I do! Mommy never strays too far from my side. When I wasn't eating very well I managed to put 19 ounces on in a week so I expect to be the size of a small toddler in another week.Great Aunt Lois came to visit me on Wednesday.I'm much more awake these days and have long periods of observing the world. Mommy took me along to tot lot yesterday and I happily stared at a white brick wall for an hour.Mina sure loves to give me kisses! She's usually nice to me and seems to feel sort of bad when she hurts me.Mina's new game is "ready, set, jump." Here she is in action.Nana loves me.
Mommy has more pictures and will get around to loading and editing them soon. Who knows which blog they'll show up on.