Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday morning I got all dressed up in Mommy's favorite outfit because our friends were coming over. She had to take a picture because I'll be out of this sleeper very soon. Can you believe that I'm growing out of size 0-3 months at age 1 month?I was awake and aware and excited for company to arrive.I camped out on the couch in preparation.See?! It was really exciting when we got together. Shucks. Maybe I'll be able to stay awake next time. Alaina and I appear to be about the same size these days. We're both supremely cute.

I had my one month checkup this morning and I weighed 10 pounds, 5 ounces. That means I've put on more than an ounce a day in the last few weeks. That isn't surprising since I eat until milk shoots out of my nose at times. I've also puked on my parents, Nana, and Grandma. Mommy says I puke more in one day than Mina puked in her lifetime. I can't be perfect.

In the mornings I like to lay next to Mommy in bed. No matter how far away from her she puts me, I somehow end up plastered up against her side. I love to be touched and held as closely as possible. Grandma figured out how to get me to stop crying - press her cheek against my cheek. She wasn't snuggling me hard enough.

I'm currently hanging out in my swing while Mommy types this. The other times I've been in there, I've not enjoyed it, but I like it today. The music is relaxing and the jungle animals are very bright.

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