Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bright Eyes

I've been keeping Mommy busy so she hasn't had the time nor the energy to blog. I'm an incredibly easy baby except when Mommy gets on the computer. I hope this entry makes up for lost time! Please leave some comments so I know that people are following my blog. I'm starting to get a complex.

Mina is obsessed with my ears, well actually, all ears. She doesn't squeeze them too tight.I told her it was a little early for me to start solids, but she tried to talk me into sharing her cereal bar the other day.Aunt Claudia came to visit on Saturday. She got to hold me first since she guessed my birth statistics the best.So big!Macy held me very nicely. My sister had a great time with Macy and Hailey in the morning. They carried her all around and chased her. I've never heard her laugh so hard in the two weeks I've been alive.Cheese!Later in the day, I got to meet my other cousins. Leif and Mina colored while everyone else paid attention to me.Mina insisted that Leif use purple.Anya held me for a while. She's an experienced baby holder.We went and visited at the hotel on Sunday and I watched my sister and Daddy swim. Look at how high Mina flew!Milo sure can make some scary faces.Mina is very photogenic.I got my diaper changed on the table and then I sunbathed for a while.Leif and Mina played with a Yo Gabba Gabba! plate. Leif refused to swim and just did laps around the outside of the pool instead.Milo is a baby lover.Mina moved the chairs so she could sit by Daddy at the side of the pool.I took a nap in the dish chair on Sunday and was very happy to get to use a pacifier. I can't believe my sister didn't like them. They're awesome!Mommy has stopped calling me smelly belly. My cord stump smelled terrible, but it finally came completely off the other day after she switched me to disposables for a couple of days. Now I'm back in my cloth diapers and looking much cuter (despite the crying).See! I like them. Here's a random picture of the table Grandpa made for our dollhouse. It's Mina's, but I'm going to play with it some day.Mina loves to give herself shots in the belly button. Weird, huh?I love to sleep on my belly on the couch. I sleep there while Mommy and Mina eat lunch and while Mommy puts Mina down for her nap. Some days I even sleep there for a couple of hours while Mina naps so Mommy gets a chance to relax. She has to stay near me though because sometimes I act like I want to roll and I move my head from side to side.Here I am hanging out with Mina. How exciting.My sister is gorgeous.Mina has been letting me lay in my play gym without hassling me too much. She always wants to hug, kiss, and hold me. I bet she was touching my ear judging by the look on her face.And the reason for the title of this post - I'm awake a lot more these days. I refuse to look at the camera, but I love to look into my mommy's eyes. She holds me up by her shoulder and I pull my head away from her so I can look at her. She gives me kisses when I do that so I need to keep practicing. I'm one strong baby!
I hope this will tide you over for a bit. Mommy will work on getting more pictures of me with my eyes open. The next post will probably be on Mina's blog so be on the look out.


  1. Charlotte Anne, thank your mommy for the update and pictures. They are so cute!

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Love you! Nana and Papa

  2. We only just met, but we miss you already. Love you!

  3. You are quite the writer already! It took me two sittings to complete the read. :) I'm sure you will love your family Charlotte. Have fun getting to know them.

  4. Huge congrats!!!

    Charlotte is beautiful.

  5. gorgeous girls! We had the same white/purple flower fleecy pjs!!

    Jessica P

  6. Love the blogs - I check them regularly!!! Charlotte and Mina seem to have the same sense of humor?! How weird :o)