Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been a very good girl lately. I enjoy my baths now and have stopped crying during them. Look at how well I fill out my tub! At least my legs are still thin.I love to look around and relax. The louder it is in the house, the happier I am. I'm very different from my sister that way.Mommy did a photo shoot with me for my birth announcements. This is a sample of the pictures, but not the one she's using. You'll have to wait to see more pictures from that photo shoot. I cooperated the whole time by keeping my eyes open and not crying.Mina snuggled me up after my modeling session.Finally - a picture where you can see both of our faces!I was wide awake this morning and then took a three hour nap this afternoon from 12-3. Mina slept from 1-5 so Mommy had a great day as far as time to herself goes.Mina got a mani pedi this morning. She has cute tootsies. They're so cute that she didn't want to wear socks or footed pajamas. Mina held perfectly still during the whole process so she knows how to cooperate too.Last night Daddy gave me a bottle of mommy milk. I drank a bit of it so my parents are relieved.Last night I challenged my parents by needing to eat every couple of hours. The night before I did a 4 hour stretch so it was only fair. I'm a good sleeper over all.

My parents are trying to get me to cooperate by giving them a smile. Mina's first social smile was given to Nana and Papa while Mommy wasn't around to see it. They're coming to visit on Friday so that's Daddy and Mommy's deadline. I smile all the time in my sleep so it's only a matter of time.


  1. Love the pictures - she is seriously so beautiful!!!! (both girls are actually!)

  2. Charlotte, maybe we will see you smile Friday!
    Can hardly wait! :-)


  3. Charlotte,

    You are so cute! I heard that you had your 1 month check-up today... I hope your mommy posts pictures soon.. I like to see chubby little babies. :)

    Love you!
    Aunt Claudia