Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Sister

Mommy pulled out some of my 3-6 month clothes and found this adorable shirt. It's a bit big, but it fits better than the 0-3 month belly shirts. I'm a little young to be showing off my navel.I can make some really funny sad faces. Mommy picks me up when I do this one.I don't mind tummy time too much.My play gym and swing are getting more fun now. I like to look at the lights and animals. Mina hasn't been attacking me either.See? I'm all big eyes.We went to the Iowa City tot lot on Friday and Mina cruised around in this car. I hope Mommy and Daddy get a house with a bigger garage so that I can get some of these toys for home when I'm bigger. We don't have any room right now.Alaina and her family were at tot lot too. She slept and I was actually awake part of the time. Mommy carried me around in her sling and everyone oohed and aahed over me. Of course.

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