Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We match!Mama loves me. We've been having lots of quality time together now that Mina is in preschool.Mina made me dress up with her to celebrate Aunt Claudia"s birthday (Mama's sister). We danced.I got into it after a while.Check out my shoes.Aunt Claudia loved visiting us. Uncle Matt was in the hospital with heart issues so it was really nice for her to get away to see us dance. Matt is better now too so she had a good birthday.I didn't let a frilly skirt hold me back from climbing anything and everything.There.This is the face I make right before I dive off of something. I keep everyone on their toes.I went to the Cyclones game last weekend. It rained for a while and I got wet on my head because I kept taking my hood off and putting my face towards the sky. I like rain! Mama wore me in this carrier for a good portion of the game. We walked all around the stadium and hung out near the marching band quite a bit.Daddy held on to me too.We went to the Children's Forest on Sunday and I looked at the camera once. Who says I don't cooperate with the camera? Check out my black eye.

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