Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazing Me

Mama spent all day with me yesterday since Mina was with Nana and Papa. I loved getting all the attention so much that I refused to nap pretty much all day. At least I was pleasant for about an hour and it happened to be when Mama had the camera out. Check out my pretty teethers!I tried to stand up to play with my toys for a bit.I held on for dear life.Mama...I think I'm too young for this.I crawled all over the play room and didn't get smacked in the face or pinched even once. It was great.I did some more standing.Finally I got tired out so I hung out in the swing for a while.I showed Nana and Papa my sitting yesterday and they were duly impressed. It will probably be a while before Mama can get a picture of it since I don't sit that way for all that long. Stay tuned. I'm hard at work trying to beat my sister in my milestones (just what Mama wanted - not!).

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