Monday, June 20, 2011

My Idol

Mina is the coolest person in the world. All I want to do is be with her and copy everything she does. If she sits down to play, then I sit down right next to her. I'm figuring out that she'd rather I played with my own toys rather than stealing her toys. That helps us get along better.Bubba is pretty cool too. He has his uses. He LOVES me so much and puts up with me with a smile on his face.There's nothing better than sitting in a big chair. I spend most of my day climbing from one chair to another.And running!Mina showed me how to lay on my belly, cross my ankles, and watch TV.I snuck in some cuddling too. She lets me sit on her and hug her when I'm lucky.Mina and I spent a fun time running around in the yard yesterday afternoon. We're getting trees planted today (hopefully) so Daddy had to put in flags to mark all of the irrigation sprinkler heads. We followed him from zone to zone and got soaking wet. Fun times! Daddy and Mama enjoyed watching us play. Here's some before pictures of our treeless yard.

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