Thursday, November 3, 2011

There was a horse at the park last week!Just kidding! It was only me in my Halloween costume.I was Bullseye and Mina was Jessie from Toy Story.Mama's dinner and decorating went pretty well. She took a few pictures to share with you.I've recently started showing off my muscles.Mama took us to the apple orchard when it was freezing outside because she gave in to Mina. We had fun even if it was chilly. I got mad because my legs weren't quite long enough for the trike. Maybe by spring time?!I put the bucket on my head, but didn't get any sand in my hair. I'm magical!We loved trick or treating this year without a stroller. I definitely understood what was going on after just a couple of houses. I tried to give the people candy at first and tried to grab lots of candy, but I figured out that I was only supposed to get one piece per house.I'm the cutest little horse ever. My mama says so and she's always right.Papa turned 60 today so we went and had dinner with him last night. Mina and I gave him cards and snuggles and I think he was pretty happy.

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