Thursday, October 20, 2011

When the camera comes out, I get serious. Blue steel.Platinum.

Mama has been busy getting ready for the school foundation banquet. She's on the decorating committee. I got to help out one day. I added a bite print to one of the fancy pumpkins they were decorating.

Mina and I have been enjoying going to the gym kids' care while Mama has been exercising. There's so much to do there that I happily say, "Bye. See ya!" to Mama when she drops us off. I talk a lot these days and some of it is even understandable.

Mina has been singing me lullabies at night. She sings, "Lullaby and good night. Go to sleep my sweet daughter. Don't go boom. Don't you fall. Go to sleep. I love you." She changes the lyrics a bit each night to keep it fresh, but it always starts the same. Maybe one of my parents will catch it on stealth video camera one of these nights before she stops singing to me. Daddy sings Cyclones songs with me and I know Go Cyclones Go.

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  1. Charlotte is looking more & more like her Mommy every day. Both CUTIES!!

    Luv Ya!!