Friday, October 7, 2011

Can you guess what this is?Glow sticks in a bath time! Mina and I had a really good time taking a bath last night. Mama got the idea off of We went to Fall Fest at Community Orchard last weekend. Here's Mina waiting to get on the pumpkin cruiser.I loved the ride once I got settled in.This was the view as we went up the hill to the pumpkin patch.This is a view of the orchard. There were a ton of people there because it was a beautiful day.Mina's been lifting weights for months in preparation for this event.Mina took a picture with Mama and her pumpkin.I liked the gourds and teased Mama into thinking I was going to eat one.I'm a funny one!Here's a typical family portrait of us. Look at all of those pumpkins left in the patch! We'd better go back.
My speech is improving all the time. I said a whole speech to Mama the other day. "No way. Go away." She's such a smoocher. I overheard Mama tell Daddy that Mina is like a dog and I'm like a cat. I was snuggling her at the time, but it has to be on my own terms. I'm BUSY! Mina's busy, but she's always willing to take a snuggle break. I like to make them work for it.

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