Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sick Baby

I had a really fun night last night. I woke up at midnight (a few hours earlier than my norm) and got something to drink. After that I refused to be put down and yelled and screamed and yelled some more until about 6am. Daddy didn't get home until 4am because he was fixing a broken jaw so neither of my parents got more than a couple of hours of sleep.

Mommy finally took my temperature after I got up at 7:30 and it was 101.3F. She took me to the ER because that's kind of high for a baby as little as me. They checked me out and figured out I have a double ear infection. I started my medicine and I'm already feeling better. Mommy and Daddy got some smiles out of me, so don't worry too much.Don't I look terribly sick?Mina wanted her picture taken too. She's a little messy with her spaghetti. It's a good thing she doesn't like the sauce very much.It rained and hailed today (only pea-sized, don't get nervous, Grandpa) and afterwards there was a huge double rainbow.Mina and Daddy checked out the cool rainbows.Mommy gave me a bath in the hopes that it will help me sleep well tonight. I loved it, just like usual.
Grandma is stopping by with Great Grandma Hamilton tomorrow morning. I plan to be all full of smiles and well rested for the visit.

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  1. Hi, Sweetheart! Sorry to hear that you have ear infections. No fun...that hurts! Happy to see, though, that you have some great smiles again.

    Hope everyone gets some sleep tonight!

    Love you! Nana