Saturday, May 29, 2010

Extra Work

Mommy took me to a fake grocery store on Tuesday. It was just as entertaining as the regular store. Not impressed.She put me on the floor while other kids ran around the room. No one hit my head, surprisingly.I even had some fun.Nana came to visit on Thursday and Friday. She wanted a picture of Mina with me, but my sister isn't very cooperative at times. She smiled and posed when Nana was with us at least.Nana held me and rocked me and gave me snuggles like I like.Mommy cut my finger when she was trimming my nails on Friday (right before my four month check-up). I bled and bled and bled and bled. Nana was there to witness it all. Today she called Mommy to let her know that plastic slides are hot when they bake in the sun so I think she's lost all faith in Mommy. Uh oh! We love you Nana. :)

Anyway, the doctor said Mommy did all the right stuff, but fingers just bleed like crazy. Maybe she shouldn't cut me next time. I weighed in at 14 pounds, 14.5 ounces so I'm not quite so high on the weight percentiles. That's exactly how it happened with Mina.We went to the pet store this morning. I woke up from a nap in my car seat while we were at the store. That was kind of a shock.Mommy took this picture of me right before Daddy picked me up and I puked all over both of us. I create a lot of extra laundry.This is an example of a couple of loads of diapers before they're folded (Mommy was behind). This has some of mine and some of Mina's.Daddy made Mommy a strawberry margarita for the big fold the other night.The diapers are so pretty once they're folded and ready to be used.Mommy likes to hang them out to sun because she likes the insides to look brand new. We use way more diapers than fit on the lines these days.
My big news is that I rolled on Wednesday night. Mommy was on her way to meet some friends so Daddy got to be the witness to that first. I haven't repeated it since. The blog will get more exciting once I start doing something besides looking cute, puking, pooping, eating, and sleeping.

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