Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Better

I had to go to the doctor again this week because I wasn't acting like my normal self. I refused to nurse off of Mommy and was generally miserable (along with everyone else that was around me). Sure enough, one of my ears was infected. I'm nursing again (grudgingly at times) and much happier again. Mommy tried to get a picture of me when I was being really grumpy. This was the result. Haha!I've been joining Mina in her crib after she wakes up from her naps. She plays with my ears and I play with her toys. It works for us.I love playing with her blanket.We were both wearing cow diapers so Mommy snapped a picture.Speaking of diapers, I'm wearing disposables now because of the big move and it's really made a difference for me. I can roll both directions without my ginormous butt getting in the way. That isn't reason enough for Mommy to consider switching so I'd better get good at rolling while I'm still in paper diapers. I'm pretty darn strong so I think I can meet that challenge. I also discovered my feet this morning. They're delicious.

During the move I'll be sticking with Mommy. I'll have to report back to Mina and try out her bed one of these nights. I probably won't tell her about that though 'cause she's a little territorial. I've promised Mommy that I'll let her sleep and that I'll eat well and entertain myself this week. Last night I didn't let anyone sleep because I had toots in a major way, but I'm feeling better now....hopefully. Talk to you guys once the excitement dies down and Mommy is back online.

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