Friday, May 7, 2010


My parents have been putting in overtime taking care of me the last couple of nights. I've needed extra snuggles and help falling asleep. It's because my ears still hurt a little bit. At least I'm cute!You can tell I'm sick because I only smile some of the time instead of all the time.Mina heard I was sick and thought she should give me some shots.Even though my ears hurt, we've had a fun week. I hung out with Alaina on Tuesday morning. We're pretty close in size right now.
Now that I'm getting older, my parents are looking for new milestones to be reached. I picked up a rattle and shook it yesterday. I've started talking a bunch and giggling more frequently. I roll to my side sometimes, but I still haven't rolled completely over one direction or the other. I still prefer to sleep on my tummy and Mommy allows it during the afternoon. My afternoon nap generally lasts from about 12:30-4:30. Yes, I'm awesome.


  1. Yes, you are awesome, Charlotte. I can't wait to see you again.

    Aunt Lois

  2. Charlotte,

    You are the cutest little bug ever! You've changed so much since I last saw you. I'm going to cry if I don't get to see you again soon!!

    Mina's dress in that pictures is AWESOME!! Tell her that Aunt Claudia wants one just like it.... does it come in my size??

    Love you to pieces!!

    Aunt Claudia J