Monday, December 13, 2010


I started walking this past Saturday at 10.5 months old. Go me! I can do about six steps at a time, but I still prefer to crawl. Mama's been a slacker with the blogs, but here are a few pictures for you.I've figured out how to open cabinets. I love to get into things.Mina loves me...sometimes.Grrr....Mama couldn't get a decent picture of us playing together in the tent because we were both moving around like crazy people.

Be on the lookout for a video of my walking. There'd already be one, but the wrong kind of DVDs were purchased. Oops.

I had a good time with my grandparents while my parents were in Chicago. I managed to drink almost all of the milk Mama had saved for me. I was happy to go back to nursing once my regular milk source returned (to Mama's relief).

It sounds like I'm going to meet Santa pretty soon. Yay?!

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