Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Don't be fooled by my sweet face. I've been a naughty girl. Mama even caught me in action. I mouth off.I growl.I tug on Mama.I crawl up stairs.I let go when I'm standing (which is going to lead to walking, the horror).Okay, well sometimes I'm just cute.Sometimes I'm not the naughty one. This picture is typical Mina these days.I eat everything, including non food items.I scatter stuff all about.I make weird faces.I defeat any attempts to keep me safe.I'm proud of myself.I'm eating the Christmas tree, one ornament at a time.Mama also took a few pictures of me in my new pants that a friend made for me. I'm styling.
I've been sleeping well only getting up early (around 6:30 most days). My naps end when Mina's start most days so Mama doesn't get any time to herself anymore (except today because she didn't let me sleep this morning). I now have five teeth. I can stand alone for about a minute and have taken a couple of steps at a couple of different times. My plan is to learn to walk while my parents are in Chicago so that they'll feel guilty for missing a major milestone. Take that!

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