Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nana took Mina for the day on Monday so I got Mama all to myself. We went on a walk along the river.I ate part of my lunch in the stroller. That was fun. We're usually house bound due to Mina's nap schedule so that made it extra fun.Look what I can do!Mama took a bunch of pictures of me while we were near the construction site because she had to work up her nerve. There was a creepy man that followed us for a while so she felt better near other people. We had to go back by where the creepy man materialized in order to get back to our car. Mama was all ready to use some of her kenpo moves on him, but he thankfully disappeared.Since we were safe, Mama let me get out and explore the grass. I had a grand time looking away from the camera while Mama tried to get my attention. It was hilarious. These were the best of the crop.We've been sending Daddy pictures on Mama's phone since he misses us.I bet he liked this one.
I've been so busy while Daddy's been away. I can stand independently for about 10 seconds. I clap my hands all the time. My top teeth show when I smile really big. My fifth tooth will be in tomorrow or the next day (judging by the puffiness and pain). He'd better get home soon or I'll be walking.

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