Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My first Halloween was a blast.We went trick or treating in Nana and Papa's neighborhood.I was all snuggled up and comfortable in my stroller.We didn't stay out all that late, but I fell asleep on the way home.Mama bought a few new toys for our basement tot lot and I've been helping Daddy build them while Mina naps.

There isn't a whole lot new with me in the last week. I've become attached to a lovey. That's a new experience for my parents. I don't even want to snuggle Mama before bed because I want to go into my crib to hold my lovey and suck my fingers.

My parents have also discovered that I love to eat meat. I've eaten every speck of meat they've offered me. My favorite was pork cutlets. I ate three last night. Mina only ate one.

Mama will be on her own with us kids for the next week so expect some interesting updates once Daddy gets back. I haven't decided whether to take it easy on her or not yet.

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