Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Months

I turned ten months old today. I'm really growing up. I've been sleeping through the night for the last week or so (not that Mama wants to talk about that and jinx herself). My new bedtime of 6:30ish has made my schedule line up with Mina much better. I go to bed, then she snuggles with Mama and Daddy for a while and goes to bed. I wake up at about the same time as Mina in the morning (about 7am). We then have several hours to play before I need a nap. Give me a few more months and I'll be down to one nap and Mama will be living a life of leisure.

Anyway, Nana got a great picture of me that shows all of my teeth.Mama brought me to Waterloo to celebrate Great Grandma Hamilton's 79th birthday. Macy and Anya took good care of me (as usual).The birthday girl. :)Mama is all ready for her trip to Chicago with Daddy. She's been pumping twice a day for the last month or so in order to store up over 100 ounces of mama milk. It was a lot of hard work for her since her body doesn't like the pump very much, but she did it. I'm so glad I don't have to have formula (not that it would have hurt me any, but it sure would have tasted different).Daddy is all settled back in. We're so happy he's back home!

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble.

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