Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's cold outside!It's never too cold to ride a trike.I refused to keep my mittens on so Mama made me wear her mittens.We had so much fun playing outside that we went outside again. This time, they didn't bother with a snow suit for me since I don't really enjoy snow.We found the Christmas tree in the extra garage.I also found some fun stuff up in the attic.Can we go inside now?

I had my one year appointment and all was well. I'm a little over 19 pounds and about 30.5 inches tall. I got to stand on the scale and get my height done. That was fun. I'm a big shot! Speaking of which, I got three. Youch!

We went to a Superbowl party on Sunday and had lots of fun. We got to see lots of other kids. I slept there just fine. Mina led a chorus on top of some bar stools. Another mommy got it on video so that'll be fun to see when those kids are old. I'm so glad I was too young to join in and get embarrassed at a later date.

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