Thursday, February 17, 2011

We went to visit Great Grandma Naomi at the nursing home this past weekend. Nana snapped a picture of us all together pretty early on. It's a good thing, because both of us kids behaved badly after a short time. Mina wanted to play the piano and I wanted to sleep and drink and run around and SCREAM!Nana also came to tot spot on Tuesday to join in the Valentine's Day festivities. I showed off for her a bit.I wore hard-soled shoes for the first time that day.I played with the other babies during story time yesterday. The little boy wearing black was born on the same day as me. The little girl in the background with a blue shirt has a birthday two days after mine. Isn't that cool? I bet we'll all go to school together someday.Busy babies!Mina came out to play with us when she was done with her big girl activities.This is what our backyard looked like yesterday.This is what our backyard looked like this morning. Amazing, huh? As Mama types this, that little snow patch by the slide is completely gone.We decided to take advantage of the warmer weather by going on a long walk.Mina got all set up with raisins and milk and sunglasses.We were both pretty happy the whole time.I played on the deck behind the house while Mina played down in the playground. Mina picked out my outfit this morning and Mama said it wasn't appropriate for playing in the mud. I'll have to tell sissy to not dress me in cream pants when the weather is nice.I don't think Mama told you that I'm all the way weaned now. I haven't nursed since February 6th. I don't miss it one bit. In fact, I'm much more into Mama now. I had been a total daddy's girl since he didn't make me do things I didn't like. I'm more willing to snuggle her now that she keeps her shirt closed. I never did enjoy nursing, but we stuck with it for over a year.

I get to stay with Grandma and then Nana next week while my parents are in St. Lucia. Maybe I'll be nice to them and keep sleeping 14 hours straight at nights and taking 3 hour naps in the afternoon. When I'm awake, I'm happy, but I sure do need my sleep! Otherwise, they'll get to see Grumpy Charlotte. Grumpy Charlotte screams...a lot. Maybe they could use a challenge...

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