Monday, March 14, 2011

Cutie McCutecute

Mama bought me a new dress while she was in Chicago and had to take pictures of me wearing it, even though it's more for next winter.Cheese!I'm a happy girl!Mina and I enjoy playing together and sharing toys.Bubba loves it when I give him attention.Self feeding is my thing these days so Mama let me have at it with a cup of applesauce. I did surprisingly well.Mina copied my eating methods. Silly big sister!I grabbed the camera lens and was thrilled with myself. Mama didn't notice the blurriness right away either. Charlotte - 1, Camera - 0You can't stay mad at me!I'm like a cat in the sunshine.Everything fills me with joy, even blood pressure cuffs.
I hope you enjoyed my cuteness. My family sure does. Even Mina can't resist kissing on me. I tackled her and made her fall down and she still gave me love.

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