Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have so many teeth that my parents have lost count, but it's 10-12 at the last check. I'm such a second child.I love to make funny faces.Mina plays with Plex while I follow her around. I like to put on necklaces and call people with my phone. I talk lots and lots despite not knowing any words besides Mama, Dada, hi, and pretty. At least I know the essentials.I love babies so much.I can read upside down. Cool, huh?

We went swimming last week and I loved it. I was a little unsure at first, but the water was almost as warm as my bath and Mama held me in her arms and twirled and jumped around. It was great. I laughed and smiled. It was way better than the first time I went in a pool and screamed my head off.

I somehow managed to miss the tummy flu that went around our family. Mama, Mina, and then Daddy and Nana all got really sick. I guess I'm just lucky (knock on wood).

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