Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is good. I've learned how to do two very good things in the last couple of weeks. I can climb on the couch and I can give Mama hugs. I squeeze her around her shoulders and then she gives me lots and lots and lots of kisses.I can use my couch climbing to attack big sis and steal her mango too!Mama has solved the diaper stink issue once and for all with Daddy's help. She had been using regular bleach so the diapers didn't stink, but it was bad for them. Now, she's using the sun to kill the ammonia. So far so good (and beautiful)!Look at all that sunshine and bright white diapers! That's me running away from Daddy in the background.I'm a runner. This is the sight that my parents see most of the time. I love nothing more than to be chased.Look how sad I am once I'm caught.Daddy and Mama played outside with us today after we woke up from our naps. I'm so glad that Daddy is home so much. What a difference a year makes!Isn't Daddy funny?

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