Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house on Friday night where everyone colored eggs except for me.Grandpa tried to eat me.I hammed it up for Mama on Saturday.My stairs...all three of them.We went over to Nana and Papa's on Saturday night, but no one took any pictures. We went to church on Easter morning and then took a family picture afterwards.Mina sort of cooperated.I didn't cooperate for any pictures.Except for this one!I loved the stuff I got from the Easter bunny and my grandparents. The coloring book was particularly delicious.Mama gave me love eyes and Daddy snapped a picture.This is what she was looking at.We checked out the new equipment at Loomis Park yesterday.I enjoyed walking around while Mina fully explored the structure.Do you think I'm wearing enough colors?I just love to be outside.We went to Taco Tico for lunch after the park. Last night I snuggled Daddy after he finished painting a cupcake. He's comfy.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning, just a 15 month checkup. I'm doing very well developmentally. My weight was right at around 23 pounds and my height was measured at 33 inches. Could that be right? Anyway, I was in the 50s (percentile wise) for weight and in the 90s for height. I wore high heels so maybe that's what the deal was. I'll go back in three months. They drew some blood from me and Mina comforted me and tried to distract me. She was so sweet. She even tickled my fingertips while we rode in the car. Our arms are finally long enough to just reach each other. I really love my sister!

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