Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sorry Mama hasn't been taking pictures of me lately. We do have a few to share. I love to snuggle my daddy (and Pinky).Next year's Christmas card picture?Mama loves to put me in overalls.It's hard working betting Pinky 1 and Pinky 2 out of the crib.Mama steals snuggles all the time.Finally! I've been taking really long naps most days (especially when the weather is nice). I've also been getting up at 7am when they'd like me to sleep in and at 9am when we have somewhere we need to be. Go me!I had an ear ache last week, but I'm better now. I'm also working on about five teeth. Pretty soon I'll just have my 2-year molars to work on.

Daddy moved the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to the landing. It still keeps me from going all the way up, but I have several stairs to practice on.

Mama has been getting a workout chasing me around, as usual. Whenever we go anywhere to play, I make a mad dash for the door. What she wouldn't give for an open gym with closed doors that's full of toys and other kids to play with!

I'm starting to enjoy getting praised by my parents. Mama makes a big deal when I close cupboards, put things away, and place my milk onto the table instead of winging it across the room. I'm graduating to the big table and out of the high chair now that I'm showing good behavior. I'll still get to use my chair, but the front of it will be removed so I can sit with the rest of the family.

I haven't picked up a whole lot of new words lately, but a lot of almost words. I can also copy songs and yodel (according to my grandparents). I'm a big talker like Mina. I love to climb onto the couch and launch myself onto the dog. Life is good.

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