Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Final Post

 I thought I'd give you a final update before saying adios. Mama is treating me like such a second child. Mina had a blog for four years and mine only lasted for two. It figures!

Anyway, enjoy our Christmas pictures. Our first celebration was at Nana and Papa's house. I got some cool fashion items and had to wear them all together. Hood on!
Mina grinned for the camera. I think she was happy to get so many presents. She can read her name now so she could see her name on all the tags. That adds to the excitement.
 We posed for the camera wearing our matching bunny slippers.
 We celebrated on Christmas morning as a little family. We opened presents and played with all of our new toys.
 Mina and I teamed up to open our presents.
 We went over to Grandpa and Grandma's after we woke up from our naps on Christmas day. We did the fish pond and I liked it this year.
 Nacho! There's a funny story with Nacho. I snuck him with me when we were grocery shopping the next day and I left him at the store. I cried "doggy" when we got home and Mama felt really bad for me. She tried to get it back from the store, but no one turned it in. She ended up calling the pond owner (AKA Grandma) to find out where Nacho came from so she could get me a new one. I hid him for a day after she gave me Nacho Dos until she thought she was going to go insane. Mina found him for me and now we've been able to keep track of him since. Phew!
 I love my family. Here's Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason.
 Here's Uncle Matt and Aunt Claudia. We're a snuggly family because that's how Grandpa and Grandma raised their kids. I guess they acted like this all the time (and still do).  I'm so lucky to have a family full of happy, loving people!
 Here's Great Grandma Wubben. Her and Great Grandpa Wubben taught Grandma how to love. What a wonderful gift that's been passed down the generations. 
 Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff, back to the fish pond. Mina enjoyed some angling while I snuggled Nacho Uno.
 All of a sudden Santa showed up at the doorstep. He followed me!!!! Oh no.
 At least he gave me candy. Mina hid in the kitchen while he was visiting, but she did come out to thank him for her Toodee doll and for my monkey, which she had asked for when we saw him at the mall.
 My cousins liked Santa at least.
 It was total chaos while we opened presents. This gives you a bit of an idea of what went on.
I had to show off my pretty dress up skirt. I just love to be fashionable.
Mama promises she'll update her blog at least every other week and include some pictures. It won't be as many as in the past, but hopefully you'll be satisfied (especially since most of you are Facebook friends and see the pictures there anyway). So long!  Look for my birthday pictures later this month at .

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