Friday, December 23, 2011

I've been busy baking up a storm and haven't had time to share in the blog with you. Sorry! It's hard work.

 It's also messy work.
 Mom is trying to get over being a screaming banshee while cooking so she's baked with us girls twice in the last week. Daddy took pictures the second time (once he knew it was safe).
 I like to clean off Mama's fingers too.
 We're in love.
 Mama has a bunch of pictures from her camera to share too.  Her and Daddy went to the Cyclones game that was kind of a big deal and they even went on the field.
 Mina and I love the kid care room at the rec. We'd better since we go there 4-6 times a week!
Mina and I like to snuggle in the chair while we watch The Grinch.
 Daddy and Mama went to New York to see Robin Campbell in Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway! They stayed in a hotel right by Times Square.
 They walked all around the city and saw the Rockefeller Center tree up close and personal.
 They clogged up the sidewalk trying to take tourist pictures that aren't worth sharing. LOL!
 They went to the 9/11 Memorial.
 This was the view from their hotel room. They had a great time and we had a fun time staying with Grandma and Grandpa.
 We got to see Santa at the mall. I was so excited to see him at first....
 ...then they put me on his lap! At least Mina told him that I want a monkey for Christmas and she wants a Toodee doll. I know I've been very, very nice.
Have a merry Christmas! Check out Mama's new blog in the new year. 

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