Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Even though my family left me behind last weekend, I'm a happy girl.Mama can't take a picture of me without getting attacked. I want to eat the camera.My version of standing. Sometimes I get into the splits or stand with one leg straight and the other leg bent.Funny face for Grandpa.My top teeth!Another funny face to make Grandpa laugh.Finger sucking is serious business.Nana and Papa took good care of me while my family was in Chicago. They balanced things on my head.They took me for motorcycle rides.They made me cook dinner.They had me watch a few movies in a chair.They made me play fetch.No, really, they didn't do all that. They took excellent care of me. I was so satisfied and happy that I slept through the whole night when my parents returned.
Mama has promised me that she'll take me to Chicago to go shopping for prom dresses when I'm in high school to make up for Mina's Yo Gabba Gabba trip. Sweet.

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