Thursday, October 7, 2010

I helped do some artwork for Daddy's birthday last week.Did I do a good job?Mina drew a monster and the Gabbas.Her next task was to feed me some grass so that was the end of the picture taking.In other chaotic news, I managed to cut my face on a pop can yesterday. It was really bloody. I'm not sure why Daddy was so happy about it.While I was recovering from my gash, Mina was suffering on the couch. She has a terrible cold and feels really yucky. Rumor has it that she slept in bed with Mama and Daddy last night.
My fourth tooth has come in for those wondering. I'm getting better at cruising and holding onto things with only one hand. There have been a couple of brief episodes of almost standing unsupported. I even try to stand up from sitting without pulling up on anything. I can get up on my knees so far. I climbed up one stair today for the first time. I've learned to growl and grind my teeth. I love to chew on the handle to the freezer (on the bottom of the fridge). I'm eating more adventurous of food - cheese, meat, yogurt. I also figured out how to get water from a sippy. I continue to be on either side of the spectrum at most times - either hilariously happy or pitifully distraught. At least I can change from one to the other quickly?!

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