Saturday, July 24, 2010

ADITLO Charlotte 2010

Mama is finally getting around to sharing my day. I guess that's what happens when you're the second child. My day started out by calling for Mama right after she started her P90X workout with Daddy. Here she is at 5:45am.I nursed quickly and went back to sleep so Daddy and Mama got their workout accomplished. Here's my sweaty daddy.I woke up again after a while and everyone came to sing the good morning song to me.Mina gave me my morning smooches.I'm a big fan of the morning.I also enjoy getting my diaper changed.Mama showed me the mirror and the camera after I got dressed in my cute outfit.We did all sorts of funny faces and the smooches continued.I played with big sister for a while.She lets me eat her toys, but I have to crawl to get them myself.I hung out on the quilt for a bit while everyone else got some breakfast.Who needs food when you have fingers?I started to get hungry so I went for the dog toy. The floor is covered with my toys, but I prefer Euclid's toys.Almost there!This is my determined face.Darn. Mama took the toy away right before I was going to have a nice meal.Exersaucer time! Mina never cared for this toy, but I LOVE it.Par-tay!I moved to the formal play room to watch Mina and Mama play with toys.I got hungry for the good stuff after a while. Mama always snuggles me afterwards.So content.Mina had to get in on the snuggling. She has a bit of jealousy, but not too much.My turn!I needed another diaper change before getting in the car.Mina got her diaper changed too and she showed me a magazine. We're going to talk about parenting in about 25 years or so. That will be fun.Daddy and Mama loaded us up in the car.I was so happy to see Mama when the car stopped.We were ready for a good time and I was happy to see my cousins.Macy played with my toes while everyone looked at the animals at Oleson Park.I couldn't really see much, but I was content. Never mess with a content baby.You'd think Macy likes me or something.I fell asleep while Mina played at the splash pad and was not happy when I woke up. Mama's camera was dead (probably from taking so many pictures of yours truly). She wasn't very happy either.Daddy took pictures of himself with me once the battery recharged. Silly Daddy!Mama nursed me.Grandma showed up and watched me for a while so that Daddy and Mama could go to a movie (Eclipse). I took a nap and hung out for a while. Grandpa brought Mama home because Daddy got called in to work. He must have forgotten lunch because he ate my feet.I was so glad I got to see him.After Grandpa and Grandma left, I helped Mama fold diaper laundry.Euclid kept me entertained.He's a source of endless entertainment.Woof!I'm gonna get you!Daddy dropped by after a while.The Charlotte (Scrubs reference)More Euclid attention.Mina woke up from her nap while Daddy was home so I went and helped get her out of bed.Hi there!Mina shook ribbons in my face and made me laugh. She's hilarious.I went down for a nap at about 6pm and slept until about 8:30. That's not typical, but I had a big day with not much napping earlier.I was HUNGRY when I woke up so Mama fed me and then we snuggled for a bit.I hung out with Mama for another hour or so. I spent the whole time on the ottoman in front of her chair.Yay for the ottoman!Hi.Hi.Hi.Blah!Bleh!Daddy came home and thought my faces were pretty funny too. You'd think Mama thinks I'm cute by all the pictures she took of me.This is where I like to hang out.

Daddy put me in my sack and took me up to bed right after this picture. What a great day!

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