Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gaining Independence

I'm too cute. So is Mina, but you can definitely tell us apart in this picture. I have bigger eyes and a wider smile.Grandma Rullestad is nice and snuggly.I love to hang out with Mina. She's fun!I've been working hard at my yoga poses.What's this one? I thought it was froggy, but Mommy informed me that stretching to get a frog is not quite the same.I'm halfway between plank and downward dog in this one.Here I am in cobra.I also enjoy jumping around in the jumperoo. I move so quickly that Mommy has a hard time getting a picture of me.I got a lot of attention when my cousins Hailey and Macy came to play on Friday. Macy carried me all around the house and Mommy got a bit of a break. I fit just right on Macy's hip.We went over to Emmy and Jason's house to meet to see the fireworks on Friday. I wore my Kaboom jammies to celebrate. I got passed around because everyone wanted some baby snuggles. Uncle Matt held me during the fireworks while I kicked my legs and whipped my head around. I didn't fall asleep, but I was very happy.Mina fell asleep on the way home from fireworks.So did I.Have a great week, everybody! I know I will.

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