Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puppy Love

I'm keeping Mommy busy with all my blog entries. You can tell I'm an easy baby considering how much Mommy is able to be on the computer. Daddy loves to hold me at night so that helps too.

The Buddy loves me so much. Aren't we cute? Mommy took a bunch of pictures and couldn't decide which angle was the cutest.They still haven't caught a good picture of my smile, but not for lack of trying. Here are a couple of attempts. I smiled between shots.Look how chubby I'm getting!Mina had to answer an important page last night. What a great helper.She didn't like it when Daddy took the pager away. I believe she was saying, "NOOOOOOO!" if I remember correctly.Let's see, what else... I have the ability to shoot poo about two feet and you can look at our carpet if you don't believe me. I got a bath last night and Mommy has been kissing the life out of me today. I swear I think she's going to eat me sometimes. We went on a walk around the pond this morning because it was almost 40 degrees outside. Tomorrow we're going to Grandpa and Grandma's house and it will be my first time out of town. I've heard that Mina slept well for the first time when my parents took her out of town. If they're really lucky, then I'll follow suit. My parents have started putting me to bed at night at the same time as big sister and so far they're successful about half the time.

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